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Flutter-Bye Scarf Tops

A love for nature, upcycling, and an insatiable curiosity and love for insects got me involved in the green industry.  While looking for a way to make the insect control (while protecting the environment) conversation easier for women, I started selling bug-themed jewelry and making my "Flutter-Bye" tops.  The tops became such a big hit, that they spun off into their own separate business.

Every wearer will enjoy the fluttery motion of their flutter-bye scarf top...and the compliments they are sure to receive.

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Designer - Bonni

My grandmother raised nine children on a budget, by upcycling adult-sized clothing into several kid-sized outfits.  She was such an inspiration to me. 

My mother let me use her sewing machine through my school years, and I was known for making most of my own clothing...at least anything to top jeans. :) 

I've got four amazing daughters, who inspire me in many ways not the least of which is in their unique femininity, casual modern styles, and hard work. They are my biggest supporters and sometimes have also put their efforts in bringing these products to you. 

Hard to believe it is already 40 years since graduating from high school, and I am still using the same sewing machine my parents gave me as a graduation present, to bring these gorgeous tops and other boutique items to you.



The Flutter-Bye Scarf Tops are made from a variety of fabrics...chiffon, polyester, silk, viscose, bamboo, cotton, wool, cashmere (pashminas) to name a few.  Leather is in the works!

They are either paired matching scarves, or paired with complimentary scarves, or my tops may be sewn from bought fabrics, upcycled prom or bridesmaid dresses, or made-over antique Indian wedding saris (dupattas).

Most have six unique permanent buttons (do not open) and can be worn several ways, a few are made more like kaftans.

The main ways they can be worn are:

  • Buttons straight down front and back, poncho style.

  • Belted (usually just the front, let the back flow freely)

  • Buttons down the arms, "boat-neck" style.

  • If able, put one arm through the neck hole when the buttons are down the arms and wear it "sari" style.

  • Fold over at the buttons and wear around your neck like any regular scarf (but you now have double the fabric).




Feel Free to shoot us a message if you have any questions, concerns, or comments about anything involving Flutter-Bye Boutique and we get back to you as soon as possible!

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